Case Study: Kaus Insurance

UX, UI Designer

12 Weeks

Brand, Responsive website

Tool Stack
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Typeform, Optimal Workshop

*Note: This project is based on a fictional brand.

Kaus logoGif of desktop mockups of website

Introducing Kaus

The Challenge

I worked on designing on new brand identity that would instill trust and flexibility in Kaus customers. I also worked on building an online shopping experience to address Kaus' user's needs.

The Opportunity

Kaus acknowledges the impact of the digital market on selling insurance policies and wants to begin selling their service online. They would like a new brand identity along with an e-commerce site that allows customers to easily browse through their products.

A collage of provisional personas and post-it sticky notes on a wall


Conducting research to find pain points & needs when buying insurance products

With a solid understanding of the challenge and opportunity, I began to conduct market research on provisional personas and empathy interviews with users.

Summary of interviews
The ideal process for users to assess their insurance coverage needs is a simple and intuitive process that factors price, brand/company recognition, and great customer service.

Some of the pain points for users include:
•   Insurance jargon
•   Lack of trust in insurance companies
•   Confusing process for getting quotes using sites

Illustration of woman looking at car for saleIllustration of woman talking with car salesmanIllustration of woman looking at phoneIllustration of man texting a friendIllustration of woman sitting at computer with dogIllustration of woman choosing between yes or noIllustration of woman thinking Illustration of woman typing on computerIllustration of woman having questionsIllustration of woman frustrated at computerIllustration of woman feeling stressedIllustration of woman leaving her house

Storyboarding the existing experience

This storyboard show all the steps that lead Kaus users to buy insurance and all the pain points they encounter on this journey. By focusing on the user I was able to use this existing experience to identify unmet needs, opportunities and obstacles.


Defining the user experience for insurance buyers

A diagram showing the task flow

Mapping the users' main task

With a strong foundation for the information architecture,
I began to ideate solutions for task flows.

An image of the new Kaus logoBlocks of the colors in the new Kaus brandingA image showing the UI Kit for Kaus

Building a trusted and flexible brand

The main user goal for building the new brand for Kaus was creating an expression that users would trust for their insurance needs.


Defining the overall structure & navigation patterns

With a solid framework for the information architecture, I began to sketch and wireframe different layouts for the site.

An image show sketches and wireframes of the new Kaus site

Exploring filtering product feature

One of the main pain points users identified was the inability to find insurance coverage that addresses their unique coverage needs.

This filtering feature allows users the flexibility to see all the packages that Kaus offers, while also being able to filter for their unique needs.

Prototyping & Testing

Testing assumptions and validated design hypotheses

After building the initial design for the site, I wanted to get feedback from users through usability testing.

Using the prototype, I conducted four usability tests with a few objectives in mind:

• Test how easy it is for users to find specific insurance products and packages.

• Observe if the users feel supported by Kaus in their insurance coverage searches.

Kaus logoGif of desktop mockups of websiteweb page on desktop mockupweb page on desktop mockup

Delivery of Final Product

Final Deliverable

After conducting usability tests, I distilled any actionable insights from the feedback and implemented them in the new design.

An image of the Kaus packages page
An image of the Kaus homepage
iPhone mockup with designiPhone mockup with designiPhone mockup with designiPhone mockup with design

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